Van Raam Chat Transport Bike

Van Raam designed this state of the art trishaw for the purpose of getting children and/or adults who are not able to ride a bike on their own, outdoors for a ride feeling the wind in their hair. A driver or pilot rides the trishaw carrying one or two passengers who are seated next to one another in a relaxing and comfortable cockpit seat. Riding from behind the cockpit, the driver can safely see the passengers and the road.

The Chat is equipped with an electric motor for pedal support, enabling the pilot to carry two passengers with ease. The electric assist also enables the pilot to cycle backwards in reverse.

The retractable footboard which drops down flush with the ground is specifically designed for ease of getting passengers on and off the trishaw seat. The Chat is also outfitted with a removable canopy, so that the passengers are protected from sun and rain. 

Through a combination of comfort suspension, correct ergonomics, innovative features such as the retractable footboard, the Chat is heralded as the premium and “heads above the rest” trishaw for Cycling Without Age chapters. And can open a world of possibilities for families and senior care communities.

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